Unique Features of the Platform



Seamless communication across mobile, desktop, voice, video & chat.



Multiple people can collaborate on any web app.



Room state is preserved and not ephemeral.

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Visual Queue

  • Guests entering a room are assigned a queue number in the order they arrive
  • Both the host and the guest see the number on the video of the guest. There is no need to open another pop-up window to view the queue and unmute.
  • Queue gets automatically re-ordered after the host attends to the guest at the top of the queue.
  • Privacy mode to prevent guests from seeing and hearing each other.

Visual Interactive Response

  • Similar to Interactive Voice Response(IVR) but with video
  • Video calls are routed based on the programmed mode - Simultaneous, Round Robin or Direct - to the appropriate person
  • Alerts the agent on the screen when a customer shows up
  • Seamless transfer of video call from one person to the other just like transferring to a voice extension
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Built Logo

Collaborative Browsing

  • Multiple people can simultaneously collaborate on the same window
  • Each user gets their mouse and keyboard
  • Video and/or text chat while collaboratively browsing
  • Safe and Secure

Interactive Breakout rooms

  • Host in the main room and communicate visually to members in the breakout rooms
  • Members in the breakout rooms can communicate with the host in the main room
  • Members can collaboratively browse in the breakout rooms
  • Communication is not restricted via text chat
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Built Logo

Omnichannel Communication

  • Unified interface for video, voice and text chats
  • Seamless transition from anyone one to the other
  • Recording in the cloud
  • Fully browser based - Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, iOS Safari,

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