Collaborative Browsing

VideoCafe offers a unique, cloud-based, collaborative browsing capability. A web browser running on a server in the cloud can appear as a tile in a VideoCafe room, allowing everyone in the room to see it. The room moderator can grant individuals in the room, or everyone in the room, the ability to control the browser in the video tile with their own keyboard and mouse. Each person granted control gets a different colored mouse cursor with their name attached so that everyone watching can know who is doing what in the browser. With the shared browser appearing a tile in the VideoCafe room, persons in that room can continue to see and hear each other and even send text chat messages to each other while collaborating – all within VideoCafe.

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By running the shared browser on a server in the cloud, there is no need for a room owner to have a dedicated, clean, system to use as a shared desktop, or to have to risk exposing their own system to the persons in the room.

Each room has its own browser that can be configured with opened web pages and shortcuts that can be easily saved and restored for use in future sessions.

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