Transforming the live video communications experience

VideoCafe is enabling the next chapter of live video communications: a richer experience that is personalized, dynamic, and engaging.

Our VaaS platform offers:
  • Streaming that is optimized to deal with fluctuating bandwidth or low bit rate
  • Relevant search results with instant auto-playback
  • Adaptive formatting for any device: no client app, video players of special protocols required
Video Webinars

Host online events with 2-way video.

What you get
  • Live Visual Queues
  • Automatic reordering of visual queues
  • Broadcast to social channels with Facebook Live and YouTube integrations
  • Plans for up to 500 live video panelists who can share their webcam and interact with the audience
  • Plans for unlimited viewing
  • Mute/unmute panelists, and promote attendee to panelist
  • 1-on-1 private mode interaction
  • Multiple Moderators
  • Dynamic Breakout Rooms

Video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing.

What you get
  • Plans for up to 3000 participants
  • 100 Participant videos on a screen
  • Meeting recording and transcripts
  • Visually searchable topics
  • Multiple participants can share screens simultaneously
  • Streamlined Scheduling
  • Multiple concurrent meetings
Visual Interactive Response

Browser-based platform replaces traditional phone based IVR (interactive voice response) systems

What you get
  • Cloud-based Visual Interactive Response service activated from the browser
  • A customer or a potential customer by just clicking a web link is intelligently routed to a virtual lobby
  • Customers entering the lobby are automatically assigned a number in a visual queue
  • A pool of sales reps or customer support reps monitoring the lobby pulls the customer at the top of the visual queue to a virtual private room for a video chat
  • If necessary, customer can be pushed to another virtual toom for further discussion - for eg. to an expert's room

Virtual Mall

What you get
  • Virtual shops
  • Buyers interact visually with shop owners
  • Enter any shop and communicate just as you do in a real shop in a mall
Career Fairs

Multiple virtual booths

What you get
  • Each company could have one or more booths with branding
  • Potential candidates can enter booths talk to prospective employers
  • Employers can interact via video privately if there is interest in a potential candidate
  • Easy sharing of resumes
Trade Shows

Meet more new customers

What you get
  • Virtual Booths showing products
  • Visitors can enter and exit booths without exiting the VideoCafe Platform
  • Searchable by product or company keywords
Games & Contests

Engage visually with your players

Click the play button to see a sample of a video quiz game using

What you get
  • Create customizable game shows
  • Live visual queues showing your players
  • Automatic reordering of visual queues as players raise hands to answer questions
Real Estate

Interactive Video Open Houses

What you get
  • Any number of real estate agents showing virtual open homes
  • Prospective buyers can visit as many homes as there are based on their criteria