Visual Interactive Response

VideoCafe rooms can act as a replacement for legacy automatic call distributors (ACDs) with the advantage of providing full audio/video interaction instead of just voice.

Should we also try to mention that lobby rooms can play an “on hold” video? If so, where should that information go? A VideoCafe room can be configured like a lobby, where when a person enters the room, one or more agents are automatically notified of their arrival. The agent can then quickly and easily “pull” the person from the lobby to the agent’s own room. Agents can be alerted individually, simultaneously as a group, or in a “round-robin” fashion.

Persons coming to the “lobby” room can also be allowed to select what agent they wish to speak to by name, or request to speak to an agent from a list of departments. Coupled with VideoCafe’s easy video call transfer capability, this allows you to, for example, quickly and seamlessly take a customer from the lobby, to the Marketing Department, then to Sales Department, and finally to the Shipping Department.


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