Visual Queue

VideoCafe’s unique Visual Queuing features allows you to effectively manage the persons in a room, without the need for separate queuing list windows or “slide-outs” that obscure your view of the room. Queue numbers are placed in the video tiles of the persons in the room, and the tiles are automatically re-ordered as the queue is processed to make it even easier to keep track. All persons in the room can see the queue numbers, and observe the re-ordering of the tiles so that everyone in the room, not just the room moderators, can see their position.

Built Logo
Built Logo

In addition to allowing persons in the room to enter the queue by “raising their hands”, you may enable automatic queuing, where each person entering the room is given a place in the queue in the order that they arrived. For situations where you want to control who can talk in the room, you can set the room so that only the room moderators and the person at the top of the queue are able to talk to the room. VideoCafe’s room privacy feature can also be used in conjunction with queuing if you do not want the persons in the queue to be able to see each other’s video while waiting.


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